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Category: Marketing

jan 27

2017 New Year Outlook Survey Report

The 2017 RSW/AgencySearch New Year Outlook survey was completed by 200 marketing agency executives and senior level marketers across the United States and Canada during December, 2016. The agency sample came from our RSW/US database of over 10,000 marketing service agencies in the U.S. and Canada ranging in size from under $1M in capitalized billings […]

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nov 18

Marketing Used to Be So Simple…So Easy

It’s a given that technology is going to drive the marketing of tomorrow. The key to success is knowing what technology and applications are going to be the winning venues for reaching consumers. Marketers have to meet consumers on the ground that they choose. More and more that ground is found in real time on […]

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nov 11

Marketing Lessons According to Trump

So what marketing lessons can we learn as marketers and advertisers from the last 18 months? That bombastic wins the day? That division is the way to go? That hateful rhetoric is smart marketing? Don’t think so. What he has shown us is the importance of defining a positioning and staying true to a positioning […]

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apr 15

Who’s to blame at Dell?

Who’s to blame?  The Agency?  The Operations Team?  Customer Service? We give Dell a lot of our business and generally speaking, service has been good.  But things seemed to wildly unravel during my latest experience trying to buy their new XPS13. Put in my order for a new $1,900 laptop – all the bells and […]

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apr 07

Webinar: Agency-Marketer Frustrations Breed Opportunity

I recently presented a webinar titled “Agency-Marketer Frustrations Breed Opportunity”.   In it, I talk about findings from our most recent survey (2015 New Year Outlook Survey) that highlight some real concerns on both sides of the fence about a lack of strategic leadership and lack of honest and open communication. To watch the webinar, click […]

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feb 11

Solving the Agency/Client Stalemate

Thanks to the American Marketing Association for letting me contribute my first of what will hopefully be many posts on their site. This first titled, “Solving the Agency/Client Stalemate”.  Click here to read:  AMA Post

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oct 23

ANA: Does T-Mobile = RSW/AgencySearch?

At this year’s ANA Masters of Marketing conference, Mike Sievert, T-Mobile’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer discussed how T-Mobile has single-handedly disrupted an industry through its “Un-carrier” strategy of defying “carrier” rules and putting the customer first. Its bold approach has struck a chord with consumers, making T-Mobile the fastest growing wireless carrier […]

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oct 17

ANA Recap – Two Words Say It All

For those of you who attended the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando this week, I hope you enjoyed the “show”. It was great meeting those of you who stopped by the booth. Heard some fantastic speakers including Mark Addicks, the CMO of General Mills; Kirk Perry, President Agency Solutions at Google; and Mike […]

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may 15

2014 Mirren-RSW/US Marketing Tools & Technology Report

This is our second annual release of our co-sponsored report on marketing tools & technology.  While it was designed specifically for the marketing agency side of our business, we are certain that there are a number of findings and insights in the report that can benefit Marketers’ worlds as well. To download the report for […]

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feb 18

“Take 5” – A Marketer’s take on Agency-Client Relationships

This is the first post in our newest series called: “Take 5 – A Marketer’s Take On Agency-Client Relationships”. Every month we’ll ask a marketer from a different industry to give us their point of view on what it takes to create a strong, long-lasting agency-client relationship.  The same 5 questions will be asked each […]

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