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aug 04

Why Ad Agencies Hate Search Firms

Seeing we are operating a uniquely modeled Agency Search Firm in addition to representing Agencies as their outsourced full-service business development group, we are talking to Marketers on a more regular basis. We believe that the better informed Marketers can be about issues related to the Agency-Client relationship business, the better relationships will build and […]

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jul 19

A Look in the Mirror: Why the Agency-Client Relationship Fails

Here is a link to today’s webinar (Why the Agency-Client Relationship Fails). In the webinar, I talk about: Social Psychological theory that is the underpinning for failed relationships Historical patterns that have challenged relationships Myths about agencies Things marketers don’t do that can create tension in agency-client relationships Things marketers can do to improve the […]

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jul 09

Webinar: A Look in the Mirror: Why the Agency-Client Relationship Fails

On Friday, July 19th, I’ll be presenting a webinar on the topic of why agency-client relationships fail. To register for the webinar, click here:  RSW/AgencySearch Webinar In this presentation, I will talk about relationship hindering issues I see on the two sides of the fence I deal with every day:  The Agency side and the Marketer […]

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jul 01

The Inbound Challenge

I wrote this post for agencies, but felt that the perspective might be helpful to you if are potentially considering an inbound marketing agency to support your business. In our first annual Mirren-RSW/US Definitive Guide to Agency New Business Tools, we surveyed over 300 agency executives, asking questions about their usage of, and perceived effectiveness […]

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jun 27

Self-Determination Theory: Basic Blocking & Tackling in an Agency-Client Relationship

This is a story about a Social Psychological theory called the Self-Determination Theory – and how its foundational elements are central to a successful and sustaining agency-client relationship. In my last job I worked for a large multinational concept testing firm (AcuPOLL Research).  As ex-Marketers, we weren’t your typical research house.  We offered strategic and […]

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jun 25

The Blurring of Agency Lines

Recently presented to 15 marketing agencies at a CLOSE meeting in San Francisco. CLOSE meetings are for Omnicom agencies and this particular meeting had about 15 different agencies in attendance. The purpose of CLOSE meetings is to give each of these agencies the opportunity to share ideas, successes, challenges – all with the goal of […]

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jun 20

An Exciting Time at the North American Breweries’ Agency Search

Just finished an agency search for North American Breweries on their Labatt and Seagram’s Escapes businesses. Not only was the agency search a lot of fun, but it also proved to be a very productive search – in large part because of the involvement on the part of the client. From the get-go, the marketing client […]

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jun 18

Why Agency-Client Relationships Fail

Recently presented to a group of ANA (American National Advertiser) members in Los Angeles on the topic of why agency-client relationships fail. The conversation centered on two areas: Understanding the psyche of the agency and agency executive.  The more marketers can know and understand about what makes agency folks and their agencies tick, the more […]

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may 30

Agency of the Future: Discussion with Paul Roetzer of PR 20/20

Paul Roetzer, Founder and CEO of PR 20/20, an inbound marketing agency kindly agreed to offer his perspective on what the agency of the future looks like as it relates to one of the key agency new business discussion points coming out of our latest RSW/US survey:  How do Marketers decide what agency to work with? […]

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may 28

How to Find a Better Agency Without Looking

Working to find a better marketing agency is no easy task.  It can be time consuming, tiring, and downright confusing at times.  We have seen marketers try it on their own, ask a friend, do a search, and more often than not, it’s less than perfect. There are ways to minimize your efforts and the […]

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