Another year…another perspective on the coming year.

In this week’s Adweek, Andy McMains references our latest survey to call out the differences that exist between Marketers and Agencies relative to their outlook for 2012.

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While Marketers feel pretty good about the coming year, their level of enthusiasm isn’t quite as strong as Agencies.

65% of Agencies think that the economy is on the uptick – as compared to only 41% of Marketers.

And while Marketers are anticipating increases in spending (41% expect an increase), their expectations aren’t as great as  their Agency counterparts -55% of whom believe the same.

I believe a big part of the over-enthusiasm is driven in large part because Agencies are coming off of years of depressed spends and cautious Marketers and after a 2011 of solid spends, they are likely seeing things with a bit of a “rose colored glasses” view of the coming year.

So what does this all mean for you?

As you work your way through 2012, set expectations reasonably for your Agency partners.  Make sure they understand the challenges you’re facing and the reasons why spending may not be as strong as it was in year’s past – or as strong as they may be pushing you to drive your spend levels to.