In our recently released 2022 New Year Outlook Report we interviewed both marketers and marketing agencies to get their perspective on what 2022 might look like.

To download the 2022 New Year Outlook Report directly, click here


In the report, we examined:

The Widening Marketer/Agency Investment Gaps

The changing importance of In-House Agencies

The number of Agency Partners used by Marketers

The degree to which Traditional Media Platforms are increasing in use

Data Privacy Preparedness of Agencies and Marketers

The Continuing Importance of Data and Analytics

The State of Virtual & In-Person Trade Shows and Conferences

We also examined:

The Agency Take On 2022 Industry Trends

The Importance of Agency-Created Content

The Biggest Challenges Facing Marketing Agencies in 2022

The Biggest Challenges Facing Marketers in 2022

In this report, you’ll find a lot of great insights and perspective from your marketing peers and from senior level marketing agency individuals.

Interestingly, there are some areas where marketers and agencies are lock step in alignment (like expected marketing spending in 2022).

And there are also some areas like investment in their respective business where the canyon between the two couldn’t be any wider!

The RSW/AgencySearch New Year Outlook Report has been issued since the start of the business in 2005.  The insights you get from this report will go well beyond snapshots of perspective as it relates to the here and now.

Given our tenure in the market, you will also get some great perspective and insights born out of the years of data we have tied to specific topic areas presented in this report.

To download the report directly, click here