Some say putting all your eggs in one fully integrated agency’s basket is bad business.

Some prefer to keep core disciplines separate feeling like they need/want best-in-class firms to support specific areas of their business.

We just finished up a search where the marketing client went into the search believing that given all the business’ needs, it would be highly unlikely that we could find a single agency that could do it all – and do it all well for him and for his aggressive growth goal brand.

We found 7 that aligned nicely with his needs – 3 of which made it to the final round – and all of which (according to the client) could very effectively do the job they needed an agency to do.

So when is a fully integrated agency right for a marketer?

Here are 5 things to consider when considering whether or not a fully integrated agency is right for you:

Are you finding it difficult to manage multiple agencies?

Are they all demanding too much of the little time you have?  If so, might be good reason to consider a single firm.

Do you feel like your brand’s equities are being managed differently across the agencies?

If so, you might want to consider an approach that can create greater consistency for your brand.

Add it all up.

I bet that in the end, you can save yourself a few bucks (likely many bucks) by simplifying your roster.

Are they “mailing it in”?

Do you feel likely your specialty agencies are just “mailing it in” or do you feel like they are really giving it their all to move your business forward?  If the answer’s “mailing it in”, I’m betting you can improve the performance of that part of your marketing activity.

How has service been?

Usually specialty agency means smaller agency which can mean bench depth can be limiting.  A fully integrated agency, which a deeper bench might have a better track record of service – maybe.  Worth considering.

At the end of the day, specialty agencies can be great things…if they’re a great agency.  So if you’re happy and you’re getting what you want out of your firm, God bless you and your marketing efforts!

If you’re time strapped, resource strapped, or if you’re like this marketing client that’s looking to drive the heck out of his business, you might want to consider an agency that can bring it all together for you.

Oh, and the other thing to think about as it relates to  fully integrated agencies.  No guarantee, but more than likely they are going to be more likely to think bigger picture about the entirety of your marketing plan.  They are also going to be able to work with you more strategically to put the best plan and best team together to deliver on your goals.

Need help finding that perfect fully integrated agency (or that specialty firm)?

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