tipsIn one of our more recent surveys among marketers and agencies, 77% of marketers stated that they have managed their own marketing agency search.

Unfortunately only 44% of all marketers surveyed said that their marketing agency search efforts proved successful.

These statistics are not terribly surprising given many marketers today are time-strapped and resource-strapped to take what can be a significant amount of time to manage a marketing agency search.

The other challenge we often see is that marketers simply don’t have the full view of potential agencies that can best service their business.  We just completed a pre-qualifying phase for a Cayman Islands search we are managing and many of the agencies that thought they were well qualified to participate in the search simply lacked the appropriate experience to fulfill the needs of this client.

So while finding help to manage a marketing agency search is probably the better way to go, obviously there are still going to be a good number of you that look to manage the search on your own…and that’s great.

In an effort to help your search, I’ve pulled together a video outlining 5 tips to help you through the process and hopefully put you on the path to concluding the search with a right fit agency for your business.

To view the video, simply click on the image below: