Welcome to the third episode of RSW/AgencySearch’s “A Look Under the Agency Hood,” a video series in which we bring perspective unmatched in the industry to help you find better marketing agency partners.

Under the Agency Hood

In this episode, founder/principal Mark Sneider talks about how now is the time for your marketing agency to make a difference.

In the world we’re all operating in today, marketing approaches need to change.  And your agency needs to be driving this.  Now is not the time to shut down your agency.  Now is the time for your agency to step up!

This situation could change the way we operate, forever.

Each and every marketer needs to take a step back and evaluate their marketing agency relationships.  They need to determine if the firms they work with are capable of keeping them ahead of the curve and capable of creatively finding new solutions by changing up the approach they’re using to sustain your brand’s performance long-term.

Click on the image below to watch our latest episode.  Be well! Be safe!