Welcome to the 4th episode of RSW/AgencySearch’s “A Look Under the Agency Hood,” a video series in which we bring perspective unmatched in the industry to help you find better marketing agency partners.

Under the Agency Hood

In this episode, founder/principal Mark Sneider talks about some of the stark differences between how agencies and marketers are reacting to the current situation.

With 61% of agencies making only a few changes (if any at all) since the start of this situatin, compared to the 70% of marketers that have adjusted, paused, or abandoned campaigns, the disconnect is clear.

As we talked about a few weeks ago, the time is NOW for agencies to be working with you to make a difference.

Beyond the budget considerations mentioned above, now is the time for your a.ency to step up to the plate with new ideas and a sense of purpose.

They can’t just push on as if this is just another bump in the road. Generic messaging will win you no market share in this environment.  In addition, marketers simply trying to “weather the storm” with the same old formulaic processes will find themselves falling behind brands that adapt.

Find a path forward, and ensure that your agency is able to help you chart that course.