People inherently like to be in control.

Particularly marketers.   I was a CPG marketer for 10 years.  Typical “Type A” personality…wanting to make a difference, wanting to control my universe.

So it comes as no surprise when I tell you that there was nothing better than when my agencies presented multiple options for me to consider – whether it was a pitch situation or during the on-going relationship.  The more options the better.  It let me manage the decision – let me make the choices.  I liked that.  I’m sure many of you do, too.

Interestingly, during the pitch we just completed for a major restaurant chain, just the opposite occurred.  The client selected the agency that only presented 1 option…not because it was so fantastic they were ready to go to market with it, but because of the strong commitment the agency had for the idea.

They blew it out across a variety of different media to showcase the ability of the campaign idea to fully integrate at all touch points.  And they simply believed in the effort – so much so that it impressed the heck out of the client.  It made them more endearing, more trusting, more real.

So what does this mean for you?

A bit risky, yes.  But my advice to you the marketer – who likes to control his/her universe – is look at what you’re given by your agency and think not exclusively about the idea, but how it is embraced, how it works across platforms, how committed your agency is to it.

Of course they need to be open-minded and take criticism well, but in the end…a bunch of ideas that the agency can’t commit to may be worse than an agency that believes in themselves enough to stick their necks on the line.