Agency Dos DontsWhy 8 and why 5?  Because I felt like I was forcing myself on #9 and #6 and I felt I didn’t need your typical “Top 10” list to be meaningful!

I’m sure there are others and I’ll come to the table with more as I think about them…but for now, here are your 8 and your 5!

So that said…If you decide it’s time to look for a new agency, here are a few things to do and don’t do as you work your way through the process of finding a better firm.


  1. Give yourself enough time (we allocate about 2 months to a search)
  2. Look beyond the four walls of your city (get some varied perspective)
  3. Ask tough questions upfront and throughout the process (see if they’re paying attention)
  4. Take the time to thoroughly review everything agencies put in front of you
  5. Talk to each agency individually before they pitch your business
  6. Search for character match as well as category match (this is a bit of a marriage)
  7. Establish detailed criteria upfront with full team buy-in (including the final decision maker)
  8. Set expectations for the agencies so they know what their supposed to do for you

Thumbs Up Down


  1. Invite more agencies to the search than you think you can thoroughly review
  2. Hurry the preparation for the final pitch (you want your agencies to do their best job)
  3. Let the personality of one of the presenters taint your view of the entire agency
  4. Select agencies for the next round only based on functional evaluative criteria (see how they think, not just what they do)
  5. Not give agencies feedback after they don’t make the cut (at any round)