Most agency search firms focus on big assigments – working with large global firms looking for larger domestic or global agencies.

So where do you turn if you’re a firm that has never used an agency search firm and all you need is some “fresh thinking” from a new agency?

RSW/Agency Search can help.  We don’t charge marketers a thing for searches and we manage the entire search process for you – no matter how big or how small.  We have access to 1000’s of agencies across the country – of various sizes and types.  We know where the talent is and we can help you find the better agency you’ve been longing for.

If you don’t turn to a group like ours, here are some ideas on where you look/what you can do to help you find some fresh thinking and better creative ideas:

1) Your city’s “Book of Lists”;
2) Search  They have a group of 700 agencies that you can search for free;
3) Visit the site  The 4A’s can provide insight into agencies to help you with your search;
4) Wikipedia has a decent list of agencies (;
5) Looking for a PR firm:

Hopefully this proves of value and help to you.  If you have any questions or would like to talk about how we can help, please feel free to contact us (