In our most recent RSW/AgencySearch survey among agency principals and marketers, 67% of agencies surveyed stated that most of the new business coming their way (from new and existing clients) is digital in nature.  While the day of the traditional advertising campaign isn’t (and never will be) dead, the importance of creating a well integrated on and off-line marketing program is central to the success.

Are you there yet?  Funny how many large and small companies we speak with every day haven’t quite made it up the hill.

While you may be in the business where people don’t do a lot of Tweeting or blogging or Facebooking, you are likely in the world where people Google Search your category to find your type of business.  Simply putting together a pay per click program and a good looking web site isn’t enough.  There needs to be so much more.

Some things to consider:

  1. Are each of your web pages coded in a manner that enables the crawl on the web to pick up your brand/company information?
  2. Are you constantly updating your site with new information, giving the Googles of the world fresh content to uncover?
  3. Do you use digital press releases that are littered with your key search terms and include links back to your site so the search engines can pick them up – and consumers can find their way back to your offering on your site?
  4. Are you Tweeting, re-Tweeting to get greater exposure of your social media efforts?
  5. And do you blog – again posting content that contains key words that a prospect might use to search?

There are many other things you can consider as you build up a stronger digital/social media program.  While it’s true that your customers/consumers might not be the most active in the social scene, they probably rely on search engines to help them navigate their way to finding the things the need.  The more you can use digital and social to help them along, the better off your overall marketing program – and business – will be.