Earlier this year, Adweek ran a story off of a survey we at RSW/AgencySearch ran among Marketers.  67% of Marketers stated in this survey they believed that in the future, digital-only agencies would need to diversify into a fuller range of services if they were to survive.

In a separate question, when we asked them to think forward 3-5 years about their digital marketing needs, 50% stated that full service firms with digital capabilities would be more likely to win digital business.

Only 28% believed that digital-only firms would win more new business in the digital space (22% believe it would be an equal split).

This was earlier this year.

Unfortunately for many digital-only firms, the future may be here, NOW.

In a recently completed survey (which will be released on our site in the next week) we asked Marketers to tell us if they had digital needs TODAY, who they would be more likely to turn to.

Only 39% of Marketers stated that they would be “very likely” to turn to a digital-only firm.

This compares to 68% of Marketers stating that they would be “very likely” to turn to a full service firm with digital capabilities – or 59% who rated “very likely” when asked about turning to a digital firm that plays in the traditional space as well.

So…what does this mean for you, the Marketer as you look for new agency support?

I personally believe that bringing a digital only firm on board can be limiting – as their pervue is narrow and their base of experiences to draw from are few.  Best to find a digital firm that is playing in some form of traditional as well.  Even if all they do is digital for you, they will better understand the business of marketing  brand on a more holistic level – they will understand how to more effectively use digital in an integrated manner to maximize the complete efffectiveness of a program.