Another thing we often hear when we ask agencies what makes them different and why clients sign them on is “our clients love us and we are very strategic”.

While all good – in my mind, this is more of a cost of entry.

In the end if this is all you hear, you need to be looking elsewhere for an agency that has a bit more depth.

Out of the block you need to understand what they can do for you.  What new insights are they going to bring to the table, what kind of new thinking or new approach.  If all they talk about is love and strategy and themselves, not a good sign that they are going to care much about you long-term.

With so many choices available today, you need to take your time and find the agency that is going to not only love and think strategically, but also one that is going to understand you business, your category, and one that is going to come to the table with new, fresh, better ideas to build your business.