Don’t look now, but we’re quickly heading into the final quarter of 2019…heading toward that year end push.

Your year has surely already brought successes, challenges, and everything in between, but we’re not done yet.

The drive toward year’s end could very well determine if you’ll remember 2019 for the right reasons. Do you have the agencies that will usher in a strong year end for your company?


If the New Year is a time to look forward toward new long-term initiatives, then Q4 should be your moment to ensure that these projects are moving into the starting blocks, and that the pieces are in place to hit the ground running when the calendar flips over.

In fact, Hubspot came out with some fascinating data a few years ago that saw a rise in searches for long-term projects like “e-commerce” and “branding” in the 2nd half of the year, signaling that marketers want to have these larger-scope capabilities lined up for the start of the next year.

By this same token, now is the time to ensure that you have the tools you need to reach the 2019 finish line – whether that’s shoring up your content, kicking off a re-branding project, or simply getting your agencies on a call to align visions and pool ideas for your next marketing push.

We’ve talked about silly season in the past, when marketers look at switching agencies just for the sake of change; getting an early start on this New Year evaluation will allow you to take a step back and gain a clear perspective on what you need to do to reach your business objectives – whether that’s switching out an agency or simply re-engaging your current roster.

Whatever you’re looking to make a point of emphasis as you ramp up into the fall, your agency roster needs to reflect this.

Take the time to consider your lineup’s strengths and weaknesses now, rather than getting caught on your heels trying to gain traction on your 2020 initiatives.

Regardless of what your push to the end of 2019 looks like, it’s crucial that your agencies are aligned on those goals, and that your marketing partners are ready to execute in Q4 and beyond.

Need that extra late-year oomph that can come from a new agency? Let us know, and we can help you conduct a search fully customized according to your goals heading into 2020.

We run every search according to your parameters, because the “best” agency looks different for every company.

Give us a call (513-559-3101) or email us ( and we can talk about what your road ahead looks like – both through the end of the year, and far beyond.