At RSW, we are committed to search for the best in-class agencies for marketers to evaluate at no cost to the marketer. We are also committed to offering tips on enhancing current agency/client relationships.

agency client pitfallsThese five pitfalls are common and avoidable:

Jumping On the Band Wagon with No Strategy – Content marketing is all the rage and it is easy to be impatient. This is a mistake. A train needs a track, a painter needs a paint brush.

  • Define your marketing strategy in your overall marketing content
  • Identify your staff…in-house or out-sourced who will run the campaign
  • Be specific in determining your goals
  • Always have methods to measure success and to overcome hurdles

No Focus on Your Audience – Every campaign targets a certain audience. You can’t be everything to everybody.

  • Develop your buyer’s persona and customer profiles
  • Take the time to identify problems or knowledge gaps prospects may have
  • Listen to your team and gather ideas from their questions and suggestions
  • Be helpful to your audience above all

Selling, not Sharing – This is probably the #1 pitfall of agencies with clients. Of course, revenue is the bottom line, but long term relationships should be your goal.

  • “Salesy” content in marketing is very transparent and easy to point out
  • Remove this content from your marketing
  • Always answer audience questions and tackle problems through your content
  • Create adequate funnel content both on the top and in the middle
  • Throw out the 30 second speech and be sincere to your clients

Originality and Creativity are Lacking – If your content does not stand up and stand out, it will be forgotten.

  • Search out new and different territory
  • Put your own stamp of creativity on a topic(s) that has been previously covered by someone else. There is more than one way to skin the cat!
  • Remember to ALWAYS stand out from the competition

Inconsistency – With 100 different tasks to cover in one day, consistency must remain a priority.

  • Your blogging should be your priority
  • Commit to at least a weekly blog with no excuses
  • Recruit help. With the possibility of burn-out, have more than just one or two people be in charge of blogging and keep the blogs inspiring

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