Why should you look to us to help you find a new, best-in-class, independent marketing agency?

Because we have been working with 100’s of independent marketing agencies as our clients for the past 17 years.

We know how to look broader, dive deeper, be more strategic, and shepherd the process of finding a new and better firm.

OK…so I’m not big on self-promoting, but given I don’t ask for much, figured what the heck!

We’re approaching the end of the year, and this is the time when many marketers start thinking about the possibility of a new firm.

Are you not McDonalds or Coke, but rather, a mid-spend marketer in need of a better firm?

Trouble knowing where to turn for best-in-class agencies?

Just simply needing some fresh perspective?

Have a bunch of agencies calling you and you have no time to sort it all out?

And are you likely to avoid paying the big consulting fees to the big agency search firms?

If yes to any/all of these, we can help.

So you ask yourself: “Great…there are lots of agency search consultants out there.  What makes RSW/AgencySearch so unbelievably fantastic?”

For one, we are a featured search consultant on the 4A’s directory of search consultants, which is a nice thing.  Not an enormous differentiator (I get it), but good to be part of a solid agency search firm list.

For another, our team of agency and marketing experts bring experience working for companies like yours and agency experience across a range of different types of firms.

And we build each search custom for clients from our database of over 10k agencies. We don’t make agencies pay, we look at things objectively – with our sole focus on delivering against the Scope of Search we create together, as a team.

But in the end, what really sets us apart is this:  because we work with over 50, mid-to-smaller size independent agencies – and have been doing this for the past 17 years – so we know better than almost everybody out there how to evaluate agencies more effectively because we live their lives 24/7. We know how to correctly determine the value they can bring to your business.

This experience helps us find great agencies that are right sized, right resourced, and right fit for your company (and importantly, for you).

Why should you look to us?  We can see the smoke agencies blow and sift through the fog to find best-in-class firms.

We have helped marketers in many different industries, including:

Retail, Restaurant, B2B manufacturing, CPG, Grocery, Home Services, Technology, Healthcare, Finance, EDU, Auto, among others.

We don’t believe in specializing as we think the experiences gained across industries helps us get better each and every time we manage a search for a marketing client.

So, if you’re in need of a new marketing agency (of any type or size), give us a call (513-293-6785) or drop us a line (mark@rswas.com)

Happy Q4.

Have a great start of the New Year.

Here’s to finding a better firm!