In a recent Forbes article, the author talks about how big name agency creatives are shedding themselves of the big networked firms and thinking small by starting up start-ups of their own.

This same phenomena occurred during the 2008 recession, so nothing is really new here.

During that time, jobs were cut, talent was lost, people fled, and new agencies rose from the ashes.  Most of those firms are either dead and gone, have morphed into fully integrated shops, or have been gobbled (back) up by networked conglomerate.

And while it’s great that the darkness of the big networked agency world is being revealed, the challenge for these creatives is making their life after that world full of lasting value.

We’ve seen this story before.

“I’m a hotshot creative who is tired of the big agency scene and now I’m starting my own creative shop with some obscure name!”

Problem is with only that “story” as your “story”, your point of difference doesn’t exist.

It’s certainly true that working with a small creative shop can bring a world of really cool ideas and some innovative thinking.

Challenge is, the demands of our collective digital, analytical, Martech, technology, and integrated landscape requires more.

Your options are many!

If you’re going to lean into a new, hot, creative shop, do one of two things.  Either have a team internally that can support the multitude of other needs your brand will have, or have a separate shop that can work alongside the boutique firm.

If you don’t want to do either of those things because you simply don’t like the idea of managing multiple firms, there’s an alternative.

Look to firms that bring highly proficient levels of creativity and innovation, but also bring smart strategy, sound foundational support, and an agnostic view of the possibilities to support your brand.

There are thousands of great firms out there that carry equal creative talents that can more fully support the needs of your brand.

Your brand, your lover.

Would love of your life would love you as much if all you cared about what some singular part of them or only one special thing that they did?

Most long-term relationships last because the love for each other is multi-dimensional and deeper than superficial beauty/love for one thing.

Think about your brand the same way.

Partnering your brand with an agency that only fixates on how you look to the world is only going to take you so far.  Find a partner that can support your brand’s complex needs, defend if from the rapidly changing face of the market, and point it forward with the right set of tools, insights, and expertise.

Finding a good, solid independent firm that can bring you all these things is no easy task.  It takes time, experience, and insight to know how to sift through a lot of B.S. to find shops that can partner well with you.

Cheap is good!

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