Let me start by saying that…yes, this is a little bit of self-promoting in that marketers don’t have to break the bank, but I really believe that what we have here can add value to the Marketer’s world….ok, onward.

“Agencies are fabulous but they aren’t that fabulous.”

A quote from a blog written by an ex-ad exec who recently made a move over to Pepsi in marketing.

He continues…”Probably the most humbling fact about moving over to the client side was the realization that agencies don’t look that different from each other from afar.  Differentiation between agencies is not always that clear.”

So what does that mean for the Marketer?  How does a Marketer sort out the “all the same” from the diamond in the rough?  As a Marketer, you can spend a lot of time trying to sort out the differences when you’re looking for a new agency or help for a project.  The other option is you can spend large sums of money hiring search firms that typically have a pre-set list of agencies they draw from – agencies that typically have to “pay to play” in their agency search world.  Or the other option is blow it all up…and try and work it in an entirely new way.

Domain Chandon, Citrix, Nissan, among others blew it up…and reached out to RSW/AgencySearch to help them find an agency – at no cost to them.  RSW/AgencySearch didn’t just find them any agency, but they found them a different agency, a better agency…an agency that would make a difference.  They managed the process for them, they kept it simple, and they did it in short order.

A quote from an ex-agency person, turned marketer, summed it up fairly well:

“Personally, I have had decades of experience on the agency side with Saatchi & Saatchi/New York, Ogilvy & Mather/Chicago and Leo Burnett/Chicago, before joining this company (as a Marketing Exec) just over 7 years ago.  So, I have been on both sides of the table and I find your approach to agency searches and relationships very refreshing.”

So rather than sorting through the sameness on your own…or rather than paying large sums of cash to get more of the same…look at the world a little differently…bring fresh, unbiased perspective to the table to help you find the agency that can bring you better results and a longer lasting agency-client relationship.  It’s simpler than you might think.

If interested in talking to RSW/AgencySearch about any size or type of agency assignment (project or AOR), the best place to start is here.