digital needs to play niceIs digital dead?  I don’t think so.

Is digital-only dead?

Not yet, but could be soon.

One thing is clear…the need for digital-only firms certainly won’t be as pronounced as it was 5 years ago as we look out over the coming years.

In our latest 2014 New Year Outlook Survey Report, marketers and agencies both feel strongly that the future of digital-only firms is bleak.

76% of Marketers and 77% of agencies feel it is “Somewhat Important” or “Very Important” that digital firms offer integrated services in order to survive long-term.

We hear this all the time from marketers when they call us looking for a new agency.

It’s less about the ability to be wildly creative in the digital space.

It’s now more about creating smart programs that integrate digital in with other platforms.

It’s about understanding how to measure return on the investments you’re making in the digital space.

It’s about using digital platforms to enhance the equity of the brands you represent – equity that may have been established across other, more traditional platforms.

Digital-only will always have a home among some marketers.  But the vast majority will either look for agencies that have digital “at the core” – those that can play across platforms – or they’ll look for agencies that can bring a strong integrated playbook – with digital simply being one smart part of the overall marketing mix.

Digital isn’t dead.

Just needs to be a bit smarter in how it plays with the other kids in the sandbox.