Are you digital readyNo surprises that in our latest RSW/AgencySearch survey marketers say that the bulk of the increases in their spending this year will be in digital marketing and media (e.g. social, banner, SEO).

67% of marketers stated in our latest survey state that they expect to either somewhat or significantly increase their spending in non-traditional media, whereas only 25% of marketers expect to increase their spends in traditional media platforms like broadcast and print.

Question is:  Are YOU ready?

More importantly…is your AGENCY ready?

You might be ready to drive more dollars into these platforms, but simply spending more doesn’t make you an expert in the space.

Is your agency doing the things they need to do to advance your business position in this space?

Are they:

1. Truly agnostic in how they plan?

2. Proactive in recommending continuous improvement in this highly measurable space?

3. Planning strategically or reacting and operating tactically?

4. Seemingly chasing after the next shiniest object?

5. Understanding the value of total integration across platforms digital and not?

6. Are they treating your brand with the same care they (hopefully) do online as they (hopefully) do offline?

More and more digital, SEO, social firms are approaching our sister company, RSW/US, to help them with their new business development efforts.

So what does this mean for you, the marketermeaning

This suggests to us that more of these types of agencies are springing up every day….which means more competition…which means more choices for you.

We regularly see these types of firms encroaching on the Full Service agency’s world, so if your agency isn’t partnering or playing in it themselves to a large degree – and they aren’t coming to you with smart thinking in this space – then they aren’t delivering nearly to the level an agency can for you.

Start asking.

Start pushing.

Maybe even start looking?