Does your marketing agency really understand your credit union brand?

Does your marketing agency treat you in a way that allows them to put you in a space that is unlike any other credit union offering in the market.

Credit Union

I’m not talking about the general concept of credit union marketing.  I’m talking about branding and service marketing.

The way a consumer brand would think about their brand.

Do they get that what you are offering is a service – like a retailer?

And do they understand that what you are offering is in some respects no different than a packaged goods brand that P&G might sell at the local grocery store?

I’ve personally seen too many credit union ads that feature smiling customers and happy families.

How does a credit union brand set itself apart when you’re all touting the same things?

I was managing a agency search for First Entertainment Credit Union and the winning agency won because they listened to the customers and the community and the employees.

Armed with insights, they  developed a recommendation that helped them truly distinguish themselves from other credit unions in their market.

They took their time to unearth perspective that informed the direction of their recommendation.

Unlike the winning agency, the losing agencies did what so many credit union agencies typically do.

Showcase employees and happy customers and suggested that this reassurance of happiness is what’s going to drive customers through the door.

Credit Union Employees

An easy solution, but not a differentiating one.

With consumer choice being the mantra in today’s networked world, agencies need to step up and help their credit union partner unearth the elements that most uniquely set their service apart.

So if you feel like your credit union has been stuck and the creative and thinking isn’t moving you far enough ahead, drop us a line:

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