Does managing your roster of marketing agencies feel like you’re operating a well-oiled machine, or is it more like herding cats?

As demand for specialized agencies continues to grow, the reality is that a well-rounded suite of capabilities is best achieved through a well-constructed and well-managed roster of agencies.

There’s plenty to be gained from employing a roster of specialized agencies as opposed to a single AOR or in-house shop, but make no mistake – there’s a few headaches that come with it as well.

Keeping your agencies in sync is a skill, but the reward is a cohesive brand voice from a best-in-class lineup of partners.

One of the largest contributing factors to an effective marketing roster is a clearly understood distinction of roles. The fragmented nature of modern agency work demands a level of collaboration only possible by sharing roadmaps, strategy, KPIs, and other guiding principles with all agencies on the project.

Some brands manage this communication themselves, while others use a “lead agency” model to place one of their shops at the helm.

However you choose to direct this traffic, ensure that each agency has a voice, but is ultimately working toward a common endpoint using a fully understood brand lexicon.

This distribution of information should be seen as ongoing upkeep, not a one-time event.

Circumstances evolve alongside changes to the roster and project – especially when adding a new agency to the mix—and promoting open lines of communication both with you, the marketer, as well as among agencies goes a long way in avoiding any redundancies or, worse, gaps along the path to agency harmony.

As you search for a marketing partner addition or replacement, it’s worth delving into their experience working in collaboration with other agencies.

Are they able to work with other branches of your agency roster toward a common goal? How does their area of expertise gel with your current composition?

The balance between individual creativity and group collaboration isn’t easy to strike, but finding an agency that is both proactive and able to work with others to push your brand forward toward a unified voice is an immensely valuable asset in today’s project-based market.

Are you getting the most out of your lineup?

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