Back in the day, finding a new agency required work.

Today, finding a new agency is easier than ever.

And I’m not plugging our no-cost search firm here…”believe me”.

What I am talking about is the new world order called the Project Search.

More and more of the agencies we represent on the agency new business ( side of our business are feeling it.

We’re seeing it in the surveys we among you, the marketer, and among agencies…like the survey we just completed.

Marketers are using project work as a means of testing out agencies that come knocking on their door.

Forget having to hire a search firm, pay the big fee, and have them give you the agencies they give to everyone (by the way, that’s not us).

Forget having to google search “find me a great agency” and then wade through the hundreds of agencies that have paid to show up as an ad.

 Finding better agencies

It’s all right there.

I’m sure you, like most, get 100’s of calls and emails a week from agencies.  I know it’s a hassle, but there are some gems among those ugly stones.  I know because the agencies we represent are all gems – because we represent them.

We have had 100’s of agencies win project work from marketers.

And many of these initial relationships have turned into larger AOR engagements because the project “test”, delivered and everyone was happy.

We just experienced this with a firm we’ve represented for about a year and a half.  They won a nice re-branding assignment from this B2B firm.  The assignment was about $150k.  They knew going in that the company wasn’t too terribly thrilled with the 3 or 4 agencies they had had on their roster for years – simply weren’t carrying them far enough ahead – and when they delivered, they took over the entire $3.5M assignment from this company.  All is good in this agency’s land – and the marketer’s land.

So next time you get a call from an agency – and they do a decent job of showing you they have some empathy for your world and understanding of your industry, it just might be worth giving them a crumb to see if they deserve a bigger piece of the prize because the work they do seemingly can carry you to a better place.

Think about it.  It’s a heck of a lot easier than looking for a new, replacement firm on your own.

Or of course…you can call us! 😉

We cost you nothing….and we do a great job!