Before we dive into this week’s topic, let’s talk a bit about tailored fit and fashion – I promise it will make sense later.


If you’ve ever worn an off-the-rack suit or dress, you know that the result is, well, totally fine. It fits well enough, it was quick and easy to find, and it will certainly get the job done, even if it lacks a bit of flair.

Compare this to a custom-tailored fit, with alterations made just for you. Had you stuck with the off-the-rack selection, you might never have known how good you could look and now that you do, it’s hard to imagine going back.

Ok, back to marketing. Many of the marketers that come to us looking for a fresh approach to finding a new marketing partner have an agency that doesn’t bring new ideas, and one that has transformed into little more than an order-taker.

In other words, their agency is just “good enough.”

These good-enough agencies are, well, totally fine. They work well enough, they were quick and easy to find, and they generally get the job done pretty well, even if they lack a bit of flair.

Sound familiar? An off-the-rack solution if I’ve ever heard it, and one that can put a cap on the potential growth of your business.

Maybe they don’t bring new thinking to your team like they did in the early days of the relationship. Many times, they become complacent with what’s worked in the past, and innovation slows to a halt.

These are signs that it may be time to move on, and unfortunately many companies spot them too late because the agency is “good enough.”

Had you stuck with your existing good-enough agency, you may never have known the advantages of working with one that is the perfect fit for your company.

One that’s on the same page with your business objectives, and as a result is able to offer ideas without requiring you to constantly dole out direction. These are the advantages of finding a marketing agency that isn’t off the shelf, but instead is able to hit the ground running with an understanding of you and your business’s path forward.

Don’t settle for an agency that isn’t the right fit for you.

Let us examine your challenges, tap into our database of thousands of agencies (of all shapes and sizes), and walk with you through the process of finding the perfect fit for your circumstances.

In other words, let us do the tailoring, and we’ll help find an agency that adds value, brings you fresh ideas, and – much like a well-cut outfit – just makes your company look good.

Give us a call (513-559-3101) or drop us a line ( and let us find that right fit suit or dress for you!