events-anaAttended and exhibited at our first ANA Masters of Marketing Conference last week.

What an outstanding job the ANA does in putting this show together.

Great speakers, great entertainment, great group of attendees.

If you have never attended a Masters of Marketing conference and you’re a marketer, you need to.  The perspective you’ll glean from the titans of the industry is so thought provoking and helpful that you’re sure to walk away with new ideas on how to better your business.

Of course, the “big boys” and “big girls” have a lot more money than many of you may have to support your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t walk away with principles that can be simply applied to your world and your brands.

Ideas like agency specialization to maximize the value of your marketing efforts.

Or ideas like simplicity: if you can’t communicate your brand’s proposition (or any idea) in a text, it’s too complicated.

Or ideas like advertising in the year 2020 needs to be “RAVE” (relevant, actionable, valued, and experiential).

If taken full advantage of, this conference also affords marketers the ability to network and share ideas with marketers of like size through its networking and other events.

And lastly, the vendors/exhibitors (RSW/AgencySearch excluded) at the Masters of Marketing are mostly made of up of new technology approaches to marketing that can potentially be of great value to marketers looking to stay ahead of the curve and possibly ahead of their agency if they aren’t keeping up with the times.

Next year it’s in Orlando.  This year, they had 2,000 attendees and it sold out in June.  They had 1,000 on their waiting list.  So if you think you might be interested in going…act fast when they open up for registration!