Eliminate marketing agency choices and you will run the risk of destroying your agency-client relationship.

Agency-client relationships are no different than personal relationships.  When there is trust…things are good.  When trust breaks down, the relationship has a higher likelihood of failing.

There is a relationship theory called “Self Determination”.  This theory basically suggests that when you give people choices, their confidence builds, and when their confidence builds, their fear of failure diminishes…and when fear of failure lessens, trust and positive relationships grow.

I had an opportunity recently to speak at NAMA (the National Agricultural Marketing Association) on this topic and was interviewed prior to the speech…asked to provide a glimpse of the content in the presentation.

During the interview I was asked what suggestion I would specifically offer marketers that play in the agricultural marketing space…and I suggested that the advice I’d give AG marketers was no different than that I’d give to any marketer:  treat your agency with respect…recognize their value…and give them some rope.  You try and stifle your agency and not let them bring to the table the things they are capable of bringing….ideas, choices, new technologies…and you and your business will struggle.

Of course, you need an agency that can do this.  Doesn’t work for every agency.  Some simply aren’t capable.

Anyway…I thought I’d share the video interview as some of the thinking and concepts presented might prove of value to you as you work to strengthen your own marketing agency relationships.

Click on the image below to listen to the interview.

Mark Sneider