failing agency-client relationshipsNothing worse than a failing agency-client relationship.

Just like a good marriage, a good agency-client relationship requires time, hard work, and sacrifice.

Here are 7 things you can do to insure that the once was great agency relationship stays that way well into your tenure as a marketer:

1. Communicate.

Something’s not working, tell your agency principal or the account person working on the account.

2. Collaborate.

Some of the best ideas are going to come from you and your agency when you’re working as a team.

3. Give them rope.

Don’t be too over-bearing.  Let them know you expect them to own this just as much as you.

4. Trust relationships

Believe in what they are doing until they muck it up.  Even then, help them along and believe in second chances.

5. Embrace them.

Include them in events, parties, shared successes so they feel like they’re part of your team.

6. Don’t blame them.

They shouldn’t be your go to group when things go wrong.  There are times when you should look in the mirror.

7. Value them.

Pay them a fair wage.  Reward them if your business succeeds.


All this said, if the agency isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, it’s going to be harder than heck to make the relationship work.

But you’re bringing these folks in, so you set the tone.  Just like an organization mirrors its leader’s character, style, and the way it treats employees, vendors, and agencies – your agency is going to mirror your style and approach.

Your nice, they’ll be nice.  You don’t treat them with respect, the relationship is sure to lose.