How can we help you find a new marketing agency?

We talk a lot about agencies in these posts and we talk about marketing agency-client relationships in these posts.

That’s because we work with agencies each and every day.

And it is because we have a long and successful track record helping marketers find best-in-class agencies to meet their needs.

At no cost to you, the marketer. 

Can we help you too?

We have helped brands across a range of different categories.  They include healthcare, tourism, retail, restaurants, B2B, beer/liquor/wine, technology, CPG, sports, just to name a few.

The common thread?  They are all smaller spend marketers (either in their category or in the absolute).

The other common thread(s)?  They don’t want to pay high priced search consultants, they don’t have the time to do it on their own, and/or they don’t know where to turn to find best-in-class firms.

We are of great value to our clients.   We do all the heavy-lifting and make the job of finding a new marketing firm, easy for you!

Check out our testimonials.

That’s why many of our clients have come back to use us again (when changing jobs or looking for a new kind of firm).

We have helped less recognizable companies like Quest Products, Black Bear Diner, Aspen Dental, illy Cafe, Jazzercise, Windcreek Casino, and Mariano’s.

And we have helped very recognizable brands like Ingram Micro, Jack-in-the-Box,  Fireball, Mercy Health, Nissan, and Cayman Islands.

The work is the same and the energy poured into every search is the same – regardless of how recognizable you are – or aren’t.

Our goal is to find you a great marketing agency partner (of whatever type you want) and have that agency partnership last for a good long time!

Give us a call (513-293-6785) or drop us a line (  We would be happy to help out!