In a recent survey conducted by the ANA, marketers admit that building and energizing an in-house team of agency folks isn’t as easy as it looks.

Ok…so I’m not saying I’m the great prognosticator or anything like that…but I did put myself out there and kind of “made the call” back in September, 2018 (“Why the Move to In-House Agencies Will Not Last“).

In the survey, the ANA found that 63% of marketers find it very difficult to energize a team of creatives inside their own four walls.

I know from my 14 years of experience, agency principals often want to explore new categories of clients because their creative team is getting tired of doing hospital work (or drop in whatever category you want).

Hard to imagine that working inside one company, marketing one (or a small handful of things) would be exciting for an extended period of time.

I’m sure the Cokes and InBevs of the world have less of a problem keeping internal agency teams excited about the work they’re doing.

But think about the host of other categories out there…many of which I’m sure you personally operate in.  Do you think that doing nothing but marketing a shoe or an industrial component would be fun forever?

Building in-house firms can serve good purposes, but there are limits, in my opinion, in terms of how far a marketer can and should go.

A not-so-energized creative team and a not-so-energized strategist on that team (if there even is one) won’t serve your business well.

So before you let the dollar signs in savings blind your judgement…before the CFO pressures you to make the move, think about the great perspective a great agency can bring to your business.

If your current agency isn’t doing it for you, the answer might be a new agency…not a move inside.

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