An Infographic from Advice Interactive Group does a nice job of highlighting the pronounced changes we’ve experienced over the last 10 years in social and digital media.  (Note: Click on the Infographic when it comes up.)

Internet Advertising

And it’s not slowing down.

I recently read an article about data/analytics firms considering acquiring creative shops – which could put digital/social firms at a technological disadvantage.

Bottom line is things are moving quickly and will only continue to change.

We just picked up a new client on our agency new business side of our business that is a programmatic marketing firm whose advantage is that they can react to consumer activity in real time and adjust messaging and placement of messaging on the fly – across media platforms.

So if you go to your mobile phone and visit and search for “trips to San Juan” and then visit your Chase Visa account on your computer, you might see a “5% Cash Back” ad suggesting you use your 5% cash back for a trip to San Juan.  Then if you jump to Orbitz again – this time on your computer – and this time searching for trips to NY – then visit Chase on your phone, the 5% message will ask you about New York City.  And if you are a registered Orbitz member and you click on “contact customer service”, they’ll call you versus getting connected up via a live web chat.

Following folks on line using cookies is child’s play compared to some of the stuff going on today.  Eventually all agencies (that are worth their weight) will be playing in these spaces.

Stay tuned.  We’ll try and keep you on top of the goings on best we can.