A survey that we run continuously with Marketers individually establishes benchmarks on how their current agency is performing.

One of the questions asks Marketers to rate how reliable their agency is in consistently doing an excellent job on a 10-point scale.

This goes beyond creative, media planning and buying; it includes the agency’s ability to discern business developments that will impact their client’s business months in the future.

With 10 being “excellent”, the aggregated rating across Marketers surveyed is 6.2 for their marketing agency.

Marketers tell us they need agency partners who are:

  • Emotionally and intellectually vested in their brands
  • Strategic team leaders and members
  • NOT simply “order fillers” or a “creative powerhouse”

Amongst the characteristics highlighted in our Infographic, 8 Animal Traits You Need to Future-Proof your Agency, are the partnership traits of the horse.

horseHorses are excellent partners.  They became domesticated about 6,000 years ago, and have united with humans on the battlefield, in hunting, as transportation, on the farm and more.

From the marketer’s perspective, a strong agency partner will devote time to studying industry developments, certainly in marketing and advertising, but also importantly, in the client’s industry.

What trends are evolving?  What is the competition doing?  How will these activities affect the client and their business, next week, next year, five years out or more? 

To future-proof your business your agency needs to ensure that their team develops understanding and vision that can guide you in leveraging industry changes to your advantage.

Agencies need to proactively bring their clients insights their team generates about developments in their industry and the challenges and opportunities they present.

Encourage your agency to “own” the brands they work on every bit as much as you do.

Emotional and intellectual investment in your  brands will position your agency as a partner that can be relied upon to do an excellent job consistently.