In this year’s BOLO digital conference in Arizona, there was a lot of discussion about building content with the consumer, not the brand, in mind.

Agencies and marketers talked a lot about how we need to be thinking about how consumers gather information, what platforms they use, when they use them, and what platforms they use to gather different kinds of information.

Content needs to orbit the user of the content and not the brand.

Ask yourself (or rather your agency should be asking) questions like “what problems do our consumer have that we need to solve” and “how do they purchase my products/services and how can information provided digitally be of benefit to them”.

A few of the speakers suggested creating “Personas” of your different consumer segments and then working from these Personas to plan strategy based on their behavior (versus the technology).

Not only will this impact where you message, but will also help guide how you message at each touch point in the buying cycle.

Your agency should have a handle on how to develop Personas and how to apply the learning from this effort to your participation in the digital and social space.

Even if they don’t, what’s key is making certain that they are talking about your consumer first, and not wrapped up in the technology. Pinterest may be the coolest, hottest thing on the planet (as an example), but in the end, if your consumer’s profile doesn’t really match up with the benefits of what Pinterest provides, cool or not, it isn’t going to be a place where you need to play.

So just make sure your agency is orbiting around the right thing before they get too far ahead in their planning and execution for your brand.