The number one problem marketing managers and agencies claim they are losing sleep over is that they are understaffed.

Often this is another way of saying that, although technically they are staffed to capacity, many of their marketers lack the necessary skills and experience demanded by the latest digital marketing technologies.

How Skilled Can Become Unskilled

Digital marketing virtually changes overnight. Market expansion and capabilities is growing at exponential rates. It is very difficult for marketing specialists to keep up. Someone hired today with the very best skill set could discover those skills are obsolete tomorrow. The root of the problem, then, is not really with staffing, but, rather, with timing. Marketers must be committed to not letting new developments pass them by. Managers and agencies must be committed to staying aware of trends that will require new skills and providing an opportunity for their staff to acquire those skill sets.

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How To Keep Up

It may seem impossible and time-consuming trying to keep up with the latest industry news. Here are three tips from digital marketing experts to help manage time efficiently while capitalizing on the wealth of up-to-date knowledge available on the web:

  • Choose an effective RSS feed reader to disseminate the information you want as well as keep it automatically updated.
  • Information grouping is another must-have feature for efficient organization and time management. Rather than sifting through a feed filled with items that have been read, items are automatically sorted into a group marked as read. Sub-groups can also be created according to levels of preference of priority or particular subjects making it easier and quicker to locate specific information you are looking for.
  • Adopt the habit of a good farmer who sets aside a specific time for harvest. Create your own harvest time to read through updates and implement strategies for your marketing staff to equip themselves with any new technologies and trends.

Partner With The Best

For the best performance of a marketer’s skills and abilities, the most important thing is to partner with the best agencies. For more information to help you grow and succeed, keeping well ahead of the competitive pack, please contact us. We understand the demands and needs of every aspect of the marketing industry.