It’s easy to shoot for the moon, reach for the sky, want more than you really need…but let’s be realistic.

Especially when you’re searching for a new marketing agency.

Too often I see marketing firms we represent on the business development side of our company, asked to do more with less.

RFPs are issued and the kitchen sink is included in request…and of course the budget is far from realistic.

It’s fine to push the marketing firms you’re considering, but it’s also fine to operate in some reasonable range when looking for a new firm.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for those marketing firms that choose to back out versus walk into a new marketing agency – client relationship with only half the dollars they need to get the job done. 

A client of ours in New Orleans recently made this decision on a big national account.  I’m sure not an easy decision given the brand would have looked nice in their portfolio – but at the end of the day this marketing agency asked themselves: “At what cost to our Marketing Agency?”.

So whether you’re managing a search on your own or using a firm like RSW/AgencySearch, be realistic, be fair…because in the end you and your marketing agency will end up in a better place.