As the marketing reset approaches and the path forward begins to solidify, you may be finding yourself looking at the newly-level playing field.

You may be wondering how your company can essentially go back to square one (or at least, close to it).

A recent article in AdWeek sums up the shuffle: “The great reset is the concept that store visits will return to normal levels over time but the beneficiaries of these stores will not be the same.”

What does that mean for you, your company, and your agencies?

It means a clean slate, for better or worse, and a need for your brand and your agency to act, communicate, and get in sync accordingly.

And our advice for next steps?

Usually it would depend on your positioning within the market, but because that’s yet another variable being adjusted by the restart, advice in this area is a bit more universal than it would have been a few months ago.

Here’s some things you’ll need to make sure are accounted for, both for your business and for your agency relationships.

Find your voice (again)

A few months ago, it would be unheard of for nearly every brand, across every industry, to shift their messaging at record speed, all at the same time – but here we are.

You need to find your place in this reshuffle, and your agency will play a crucial role in that. Some of you will need only slight tweaks to your language in order to re-establish your footing, while others will need an overhaul.

It’s up to your agency to not only execute these changes, but to help you discern just how much change is actually needed.

Nail the moment

Timing is everything, and while there’s still a bit of murkiness around what the next few months will look like, it’s becoming apparent that customers are ready to get back to “normal”.  That makes these early days of reopening a crucial window to gain or recover market share.

As consumers start rebuilding old habits and – crucially – picking up new ones, it’s up to you and your agency to get messaging out that demonstrates your brand’s value in appropriate context, and outlines your place in the customer’s new day-to-day…whatever that means in your company’s world.

Finally, be ready for the curveballs still to come

There will come a time when social distancing and stay-at-home orders will be a thing of the past. And while that light on the horizon can’t come soon enough, once it gets here it will be crucial that we take lessons away from the pivotal moment we’re living through now.

Talk with your agency about what worked even when things shifted. Talk with them about weak points that were exposed. And finally, make sure there’s a plan in place not only for the economic reset, but also for a potentially similar situation in the future. It’s an exercise that will look different in every marketer/agency relationship, but it’s a critical step in understanding your marketing partner’s strengths, shortcomings, and potential red flags for the road ahead.

So here we are.

Things are slowly and not-so-surely getting back to normal, which means a delicate tightrope to walk for both you and your agency. If now feels like the time for a fresh start with a new partner, we’re happy to help you find one at no cost to you. Just give me a call (513-559-3101) or drop me an email ( to start the conversation.