Pulled this up on Twitter and found it entertaining and enlightening.


So what does this mean for marketers looking for a new agency?

Look for the agency that is bold enough to take a few challenges and push the thinking a bit. In the long-run, you’ll be better off. Intentional or not, Rebecca Black stepped out and has made quite a name for herself.

If you’ve ever been in a search, the tendency is to see a lot of same-ness. What we encourage is that agencies push it – take some chances and showcase thinking. If you don’t, you’ll be like all the rest.

I was talking with a digital media firm the other day that talked about a couple of RFPs they had lost and basically said “we gave them everything they wanted in the RFP, yet we still lost the business”. I told them, remember, there are lots of other agencies giving marketers what they ask for…but few taking the Rebecca Black approach to marketing and stepping outside the scope of what’s expected to make a real name for themselves.

If you’re considering a new firm, push it, push them and the best ones will certainly respond.