This is our second annual release of our co-sponsored report on marketing tools & technology.  While it was designed specifically for the marketing agency side of our business, we are certain that there are a number of findings and insights in the report that can benefit Marketers’ worlds as well.

To download the report for free, click here:  Marketing Tools & Technology Report

The report summarizes information gleaned from close to 350 agency executives on the effectiveness of a wide variety of business tools they use to support and grow their business.

It also surveys which tools are overrated and which ones need to be developed further.

With the world of marketing tools and technology changing at a rapid pace, there are few places marketers or agencies can turn to glean perspective on what is working and not working and what is of most benefit to helping a business grow.

There’s also a lot of “shiny object” syndrome in the industry.  “It looks shiny, so I need to try it”.  This marketing tools and technology report also helps sort out those tools that are viewed as most over-rated by agency executives – again, perspective that might be helpful to you.

Categories Surveyed were:

Social Media Tools
Social Media Monitoring Tools
CRM/Contact Management Software
Research Services
Prospect Contact/List Building Software
SEO Tools
Email Marketing Services
Marketing Automation/Inbound Marketing Platforms
Project Management/Collaboration Tools

 New Business Tools