How many of you get inundated with calls and emails from MarTech firms trying to sell you the best of whatever it is they are selling?

show of hands

I’m guessing it’s many, if not all of you.

I did an informal survey among the marketers we’ve represented on the RSW/AgencySearch side of our business and it’s crazy how many MarTech firms are trying to break down the same doors.

Ever seen this chart?  Back in 2011 there were barely 150 MarTech firms in the market.  Today, there are over 7,000.


I’m heading to MarTech West for the first time this coming April to try and continue to sort it our for marketers.

One of our repeat clients that plays in the retail space has talked about bringing us on board to help her find new CRM platform partners.

With the expertise we bring in the marketing services space, she figures it’s a natural fit.

As I learn more, I’ll share more relative to what I learn about great players in different spaces and great ways to create optimal stacks of MarTech platforms to most productively support your business.

And don’t forget, this is something your marketing agency should be doing too!  Too often, marketers come to us looking for a new marketing agency because they feel like they agency is not keeping them ahead of the curve.

They feel like they are the ones (not the agency) that’s always bringing new ideas to the table, versus the other way around.  At some point, the marketer begins to ask themselves if the relationship is really worth the value.


Shiny Object Syndrome

There’s a difference between finding something new and cool on your own or via your agency and having it do something to move your business forward versus just finding something new and cool.

Don’t succumb to the trap of falling in love with something cool and new without really thinking much about its value for your business.  In past Industry Insight Reports commissioned by RSW/AgencySearch, we’ve found that both marketers and agencies blame each other of the same syndrome, so it goes both ways.

Take your time to evaluate.  Ask your agency to do the same.  Or give us a call or drop us a line and we’d be happy to help you find your next MarTech firm to meet any specific need for your business.