If you’re looking for a new agency (of any type/size/location), we can help at no cost to you.

We’ve done it for major national and regional marketers since 2010.

We most often are bringing solid mid-size independent firms into our searches.  They’re more nimble.  They have all the right resources.  And they are easier to work with (versus working with agencies part of networks).

When we run a search, it is a very organized and professional search.

I manage the search from the start of the search, to the completion of the search.  We have close to 10,000 agencies (of all types/sizes/locations) in our database. Searches usually run 2 months, from signing the agreement to selection of final agency.

The following outlines key milestone steps in our process:

Step 1 – Start Big

We review approximately 100 websites of agencies that initially appear to have the right experience/expertise to meet the needs of the client’s search requirements.


Step 2 – Qualify Quickly

We narrow down this list to a group of 30 agencies that appear to be the best of the 100 reviewed.  We send all 30 agencies a set pre-qualifying questions (without revealing the client).  These questions focus on the degree to which the agencies have addressed business challenges similar to the client’s challenges.  They also focus on capabilities specific to the needs of the client.

Step 3 – Interview First

From this list of 30 agencies, we will cut the list in half and interview 15 of the 30 agencies to dig deeper into their experience and expertise.  During this period of time, we will develop an RFI (request for information) for the search and share it with the client for review and approval.

Step 4 – Dig Deep via RFI

From this list of 15, we will narrow the list down to a list of 7 agencies, each of which receive the RFI.

Step 5 – Evaluate Thoroughly

We review all RFI responses and provide the client with recommendations and rationale for each agency.  The client sees all the RFI responses as well as my recommendations.  During this period of time, we will develop a “Challenge Document” that outlines what we want the final 3 finalist agencies to present during the final pitch presentation (at client’s headquarters).

Step 6 – Define Pitch Challenge

We organize Q&A/Chemistry calls between the 3 finalist agencies and the client.  The purpose of this call is to give the finalist agencies an opportunity to ask questions about the client’s business and the expectations for the final pitch presentation.  We will schedule the final pitch presentations and be present during these meetings.

So, if you’re in need of a new agency (of any type/size/location), give me a call (513-559-3101) or drop me a line (msneider@rswagencysearch.com)