Agency changeWhen changing agencies, I strongly suggest you create a Marketing Agency transition plan.

Switching agencies is never an easy thing.  But sometimes it’s necessary and takes effort and energy to get it done.

The best advice I can give is plan for the switch.

Think about all the details involved in making the switch – and not just the big picture of how great it would be to bring in a new firm.

Put together a transition plan and start by listing all the things your agency does and all the things you need your new agency to do – and on what priority of timing.

As an example, if your current agency is managing your social activity and posting and tweeting for you…this probably should be your #1 priority.

So as you look for a new agency and narrow your search down to the final 2 or 3 firms, ask them to spell out a transition plan.

Is it aligned with yours?  If not, ask yourself why – then get it aligned.

And second thing is – are you comfortable with how they plan on making the transition?  Do they have you staffed properly?  Are they realistic about the resources needed – given what you know about the business?

All these things are manageable and can be executed with limited pain and suffering – but you need to get organized and have your new agency help you get organized.