Have a new marketing project?  Need new perspective?

I am just finishing up an assignment for a major healthcare system in the U.S.  They have an agency they like, but feel they need some fresh perspective to support the launch of two major new initiatives.

Their current agency has been with them a long time.

At RSW/AgencySearch, we have a database of over 10,000 agencies of various types, sizes, locations.

For this particular search, I literally reviewed 450 agency websites in the client’s state and in states contiguous with their state.  There are some doozies out there!  It’s really amazes me how many agencies say the same stuff.  You really have to peel it back to get underneath the fluff and hyperboles.

It was a tiring but worthwhile experience.  The search yielded 10 solid agencies that appeared to meet the criteria of what the marketer was looking for.

I interviewed all 10 agencies and identified 6 that seemed very spot on.  I presented the client with the six agencies, detailing their experience and offering my perspective.

From there, the client will connect with the agencies and review their capabilities.  Easier for me.  Much more difficult if the client tried to do it on their own.

In our latest agency-marketer survey over 80% of marketers stated that most new agency relationships start with a project relationship.  Likely for the reasons mentioned above, they need a new, fresh view of their business and feel a new firm with the right set of credentials can bring that.

Changing agencies can be hard business.  Especially when you have a long-standing relationship with a firm.  Not only do they possess a tremendous amount of history, they also have likely established solid personal relationships with your team.

Bringing an agency in on a project basis makes it easier to test the waters versus completely changing course.

Have a new marketing project?  In need of some fresh perspective?  We can help…just give us a call (513-559-3101) or drop us a line (msneider@rswagencysearch.com).