We recently ran an agency search for a large Texas-based health system looking for special project work help – wanting to still maintain their long-standing (and happy) relationship with their marketing agency.

The search wasn’t to replace the existing agency.

The search was designed to help this health system identify some new thinking , get some fresh perspective, and bring forward some new ideas to support a couple new service offerings they are pursuing in 2022.

While this one-off project opportunity might open the door for the new agency to find their way to other project opportunities, the intent of the marketing client was (and is) to keep their long-standing agency on board.

Agencies often talk about how they “play nice in the sandbox” with other agencies.  And generally speaking, they do.  And truth be told, they really have to, as there are too many marketing agencies out there, competing aggressively for fewer pieces of new business.

If an agency doesn’t “behave”, their days as a partner with a marketer are likely going to be short-lived.

So I bring this up to get you thinking beyond the roster of agencies that you currently have.  It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation.  It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition.

You can look at new agencies for new thinking to handle special project work, without worrying your existing firm.

As an agency search consultant, I have seen a lot of different reasons why marketers look for new agencies.  Over the past few years, I’ve seen more marketers looking for specialty agencies to address specific deficiencies they have or fill in on a project basis to address a very specific need.

Most agency search firms only work with marketers to help them find AOR relationships.  We are flexible in how we work with our marketing partners.  If they need an AOR to manage all, or specific types of their business, we can help them do that.  But we’re also set up to help marketers find firms to meet specialty needs or specific project opportunities.

We have a database of over 10k marketing agencies of various types and sizes – across the nation.

Looking for a new agency to help fill a specific hole, a specific need?

We can do it affordably, professionally, and exceptionally well.