Fake twitterTwitter users interested in finding out how many of their followers are fake now have a free tool to aid them in their investigation.

A social media analytics company called Socialbakers is offering Fakefollowers, a free tool that the company says will determine what percentage of your Twitter faithful are fake, inactive or good.

If you’re wondering how many of your company’s (or your personal) followers are fake, the article identifies a number of characteristics that can give you a quick sense of how “contaminated” your follower base is:

  • The ratio of following to followers is less than 50:1
  • Tweets repeatedly include spam phrases like diet, make money and work from home
  • Tweets are repeated more than three times
  • More than 90 percent of the account’s tweets are retweets
  • More than 90 percent of tweets are links and the account has a following to followers ratio of 7:1 or greater.
  • The account has never tweeted