I started RSW/AgencySearch with the objective of giving marketers of good name, but not huge spends, an opportunity to use an organized search process without having to pay a dime.

I also started it because I saw a lot of agencies getting involved in some pretty bad searches: cattle calls, mass conference calls, limited communication and transparency, and usually, little to no feedback.

All in all, the search process that “old time” search consultants were using, stunk – or certainly didn’t help solid mid-size agencies involved in these searches.

What I’ve found over the past 6 years of running this business and the 11 years of managing agencies as their outsourced lead generation firm, is that in order for relationships to survive long-term, communication is key.

I’ve also learned that great communication starts before the relationship even begins.  It starts when you’re in the search.

The more an agency can have the opportunity to legitimately dialogue with the prospective client, the more likely both parties are to figure out exactly what the relationship can potentially look like.

We always make sure the agency and the marketing client have an opportunity to speak directly with each other before they meet face-to-face in a final pitch presentation setting.

This gives the marketer and the agency the opportunity to get to know each other and learn about each other’s experiences.

Making this connection is key is what I think in part has helped the relationships we’ve established remain so solid over the years.

This same principal holds true on the agency new business side of the world.  I also suspect that it likely holds true when you deal with your sales people about issues related to your business.

The more our New Business Directors that represent marketing agencies can dialogue with their agency clients, the smarter they get about the agency’s business and the better they get at representing them.

And I’m sure…the more you can develop and maintain a good healthy and solid line of communication between your sales people or those on the front line of your business, the more likely you are to meet with success in the market.

It sounds simple, but it’s no easy task.  You get into your space and it’s hard to take the time to pick your head up and communicate with those supporting your business all around you.

Take a minute and communicate.

Your relationship with your marketing agency will improve, your relationship with your sales team or internal “front line” employees will improve, and your business is then sure to improve.