I recently interviewed three, high level marketing executives about their plans for post pandemic marketing and what they thought would look the same as it has during the pandemic.

All three of the marketers used RSW/AgencySearch to help them find best-in-class agencies in the past.

To watch the interview, click here:  RSW Interview

All three of the marketers operated in very different industries.  One, travel/tourism.  One, technology.  And one, consumer foods.

It was a lively discussion with some great insights shared that I thought might be of value to you.

The three ex-RSW/AgencySearch clients in this video were:

Ken Rohman, CMO of Wind Creek Hospitality

Alyssa Lahham, Global Marketing Director of Cloud Blue (an Ingram Micro company)

Saverio Spontella, Senior Vice President of Sales at Mizkan Foods

Alyssa was involved in one of the very first searches we ran, when she worked with Citrix.  She and her team brought us back to help again when she moved to Ingram Micro.

Saverio worked with us about 4-5 years ago when he headed up marketing at Glanbia Sports Nutrition.  We had a second opportunity to help out Glanbia with another search they ran in 2019.

And Ken recently completed a successful search with us.

All three of these marketers changed the way they marketed during the pandemic.  And all three of these marketers expect their post pandemic marketing will carry forward many of the changes they instituted over the past year.

Enjoy the video and let us know if we can ever have the opportunity to add you to our growing list of happy clients!

Take care!