We recently picked up a client on the RSW/US, Agency New Business side of our world that is focused on programmatic marketing.

They aren’t an agency…they just offer the technology.

They work directly with advertisers and some agencies to help them manage marketing in REAL TIME in the digital space.

The example I like to use is this:  You’re on you mobile phone checking out flights to NY.  You jump on your desktop and go to your Citi Card site and on the site an ad appears that suggests you use your 5% cash back rewards for trips to NY.  You then hop over to your iPad and get back on the Orbitz site to now look for flights to Jamaica.  You get back on your desktop, go to the Citi site and not only does it welcome you back, but it also now suggests you use your rewards for trips to Jamaica.  You stay on your desktop, pay another visit to Orbitz and click on customer service to ask a question about travel to Jamaica.  Because you’re a registered user on Orbitz, instead of Orbitz connecting you with someone on a chatline, your cell phone rings and it’s a customer service rep there to help you.

Sound a bit freaky and hard to believe?

Well believe it because it’s happening.

This is where it’s all going and as a recent Digiday article indicated…many marketers and agencies are going there – or are there.

I believe eventually the offering that this new client of ours possesses will be part of the vernacular of many smart agencies and smart clients – and the value of their offering will be diminished – unless they continue to innovate.

So what does this mean for you, the marketer?

Means this:  If you aren’t familiar with Programmatic Marketing and terms like DSP and DMP..you need to get familiar with them.

And if your agency can’t speak this language and doesn’t understand what’s going on in this space…it should cause some measure of concern.  Programmatic advertising buying is expected to double in the coming year…and like the coming of social and digital marketing (in general), the pace of adoption will only increase as the months and years pass.

Ask your agency if they know what these things are and why they could/should be good for your business.