Some in the marketing agency business call the end of a year and into the first part of a new year: Silly Season.

They call it that because they feel that marketers at times irrationally mix-up their agency portfolios just because they feel it’s the thing to do…and don’t always have good justification for making the change.

Frankly there’s nothing “silly” about an agency that isn’t giving you what you deserve:

  • High levels of service
  • Smart strategy
  • Value-added thinking to help build your business
  • Creative ideas that continually excite you
  • Feedback and responsiveness when marketing programs need a fresh face

I don’t think there needs to be a “season” for change.

I understand why marketers take second looks at their situation when the year comes to a close.

Either they (or those they report to) are likely taking a harder look at the business and looking forward into the new year hoping to make it better.

What I would suggest is that you take a step back and decide this:  Is it the agency that’s creating this issue or is it me and how I’m managing things.

If it’s more of a business issue and you feel like the agency, while they have a hand in some of what might be going on, isn’t the root cause of the issue, now might be the time to sit down and talk.

Help them understand what the issues are.

See if they can step outside their comfort zone to help you out.

Give them the opportunity to prove to you that while the season might be silly to some, it’s not to them and they’re ready to make it work for you.

But, that said….if you get nothing it might be time to for a trade-in.

Nothing silly about that!

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