Marketer InfographisMany marketers try to search for the right agency, but not all succeed.

We see it every day at RSW/AgencySearch.

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Marketers often are short on time.  I was one once a marketer…for 10 years…and I know how many meetings, how many demands, and how many late nights one can spend working in the marketing space.

I also know how much time a good search can take.  I typically spend the equivalent of 2-3 full days researching agencies, screening agencies, and interviewing agencies for searches – regardless of type (PR, Full Service, Digital).  And the process itself – from start of search to final selection – can last a good two months.  There’s the development of the RFI, the challenge document, orchestrating calls, and the time spent in the final pitch presentation.  It can be an all-consuming undertaking.

So while 78% of marketers in our latest survey said they have looked for agencies on their own…of those 42% said the search proved to not be all that successful.

Could be how they’re doing it, who they’re looking at, or the limited amount of time they’re putting into it.

Here are 10 things to ask yourself before starting a marketing agency search that might help you create a better outcome:  10 Things To Ask Yourself