How is your agency doing?

Earlier this year we launched the Marketing Agency Benchmarker – a tool that Marketers can use to determine how well their agency is or is not delivering relative to other agencies in the market – as evaluated by their marketing clients.

Regardless of whether you decide to take the RSW/AgencySearch benchmark survey or not, you should ask yourself these 7 questions every now and then to help you “take the temperature” of how well your agency is doing.

Never thought about this until now (really…honest)…you might even consider having your agency answer the questions themselves and see how they self-evaluate (and compare to your responses).

If there are major disconnects, it might be time to do some talking – or start some looking!

Here are the 7 questions:

  1. How much do you agree that “I can always rely on my agency to do an excellent job”?
  2. How likely are you to recommend your agency to a friend?
  3. How is your agency’s level of service?
  4. How effective is your agency at measuring ROI on marketing programs?
  5. How much is your agency keeping you ahead of the curve in the social/digital space?
  6. How strategic is your agency?
  7. To what degree does your agency lead you…or are you leading your agency?

We have a scaling system and a benchmark you can compare your results to…but scale them however you want.

Key is giving yourself some benchmark off of which to work as you move the agencyrelationship forward.

On the Agency New Business side of our world, we ask our clients 3 weeks into the relationship for their opinions on how well/not well we’re doing.  We do it again at month 6 and then again at the 1 year mark.  This way if there are issues, we can head them off pronto!

Think about it…it could prove helpful to your efforts in building a better relationship and getting more bang for your buck in the agency world.

If interested in “officially” benchmarking your agency’s performance relative to 100’s of other marketers who have also evaluated their agencies, please click below.  We’ll send you a report containing analysis and recommendations.